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The Blue Line Mumbai Metro is Also known as the Line1. It is the Versova-Andheri-Ghatkopar line and is a part of the metro system for the city of Mumbai, India. The 11.40 km line is fully elevated and has 12 stations from Versova to Ghatkopar. The line connects the eastern and western suburbs of Mumbai. This estimated cost of Rs. 4,321 crore (US $ 610 million) and it is operated by Metro One Operation Pvt Ltd (MOOPL) on a 5-year contract. MOOPL is a joint venture company owned by Reliance Infrastructure (30%) and RATP Dev Transdev Asia (70%).

Blue Line/Line1 of Mumbai Metro Started operations on 8 June 2014. It has the eighth largest passenger density of any metro line in the world. Blue Line Mumbai metro has the longest curve of any metro line in India. There are a total of 64 curves on the line, with the deepest curve being 107 meters.

Blue Line Mumbai Metro Map-

The Blue Line Mumbai Metro Map currently has 12 Stations from Versova to Ghatkopar.

Blue line mumbai metro map
Mumbai Metro map Line 1 Map

Blue Line Mumbai Metro Stations-

There are 12 stations on line 1 of mumbai metro. All stations have three levels that are accessed via stairs, escalators, and elevators. Trains depart from the second floor, which is platform level. There is a maximum gap of 85 mm between the platform and the train doors.

Station No.Station Name
( English)
Station Name(Hindi)Interchange Connection
2DN Nagarडी.एन. नगरLine 2 (UC)
3Aazad Nagarआझाद नगरNONE
4AndheriअंधेरीIndian Railway
5Western Express Highway (WEH)पश्चिम एक्सप्रेस हाइवेLine 7 (UC)
7Airport Roadएअरपोर्ट रोडNONE
8Marol Nakaमरोल नाकाLine 3 (UC)
9Saki Nakaसाकी नाकाNONE
11Jagriti Nagarजागृती नगरNONE
12GhatkoparघाटकोपरCentral Line Railway
Versova to Ghatkopar Mumbai Metro Map
*UC = Under Construction

There are 100 stairs (minimum 4 in each station), 45 lifts and 95 escalators at 12 stations of blue line Mumbai metro. The platforms have polycarbonate roofs that allow them to be lit naturally. The stations feature murals made by university students. Metro officials organized the “Maji Metro” festival and requested art and architecture students to enter a competition, where the winners were given the opportunity to design and style the “Mumbai” themed metro station.

At the Mumbai Metro Blue line, there are no parking facilities are available on the blue line of the Mumbai metro. Mumbai Metro Rail Development Authority stated that this was because there was no space available. Ghatkopar station is connected to the western part of Ghatkopar railway station through a 12-meter-wide foot-over-bridge.

Mumbai Metro Blue line fare-

The minimum and maximum fares on the Blue Line are Rs.10 and Rs.40 respectively, which is 1.5 times more the existing un-subscribed Best Buses fare for a given distance. Line 1/Blue Line uses an automated fare collection system (AFC). Commuters can also pay their fare using tokens or refillable smart cards.

Smart cards can be recharged online.

FromVersovaDN NagarAzad NagarAndheriWestern Express HighwayChakala/JB NagarAirport RoadMarol NakaSaki NakaAsalphaJagruti NagarGhatkopar
DN Nagar101010202020303030304040
Azad Nagar201010102020202030303040
Western Express Highway202020101010202020203030
Chakala/JB Nagar302020201010101020202030
Airport Road303020202010101010202020
Marol Naka303020202010101010202020
Saki Naka303030202020101010101020
Jagruti Nagar404030303020202010101010
*All Amounts in Rupees

In January 2020, Mumbai Metro started issuing paper tickets with QR codes printed on it for the purpose of completely removing the plastic RFID-based tokens previously. In the same month, it launched an unlimited travel pass that can be purchased as an add-on to existing trip passes.

Blue Line Mumbai Metro Timings-

Services operate on Blue Line every day for 18.5 hours (5:30 AM to midnight). The headway on the line is 3 minutes during peak hours and 5 minutes during non-peak hours. 11:30 am to 4:30 pm is Non-Peak hour of Mumbai Metro.

First Train From Versova and Ghatkopar on Blue Line

First Train FromTime
Versova05:20 AM
Ghatkopar05:29 AM
Blue Line Mumbai Metro Timing First Train

Last Train From Versova and Ghatkopar on Blue Line

Last Train FromTime
Versova11:20 PM
Ghatkopar11:46 PM
Blue Line Mumbai Metro Timing Last Train

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