Delhi Metro Route: Magenta Line Latest HD Map, Timing & Station

Magenta Line Or Line 8 is a metro rail line of the Delhi Metro Route, a rapid transit system in Delhi, India, and the first driverless metro in India. It consists of 25 Delhi Metro Route stations as of now from Janakpuri West to the Botanical Garden, 10 of which are elevated and the remaining 15 (Fifteen) are underground ones.

The total length of the magenta line is 38.23 kilometers from which 14.42 kilometers is elevated and 23.80 kilometers is underground. Unlike Orange Line Or Airport Metro Express, Delhi Metro Route Line 8 will operate directly at Terminal 1 of Indira Gandhi International Airport.

The line between the Botanical Garden to Kalkaji Temple has been commissioned since 25 December 2017 and the rest between Janakpuri West and Kalkaji Temple was commissioned on 29 May 2018. Hauz Khas station on Delhi Metro Route and the current yellow line is the deepest metro station at a depth of 32 meters.

The Shankar Vihar metro station on Delhi Metro Route is unique as it is the only station on the network where free movement of civilians is restricted by the army, as it falls in the Delhi cantonment area and according to the DMRC officer is “located right at heart” in the defense area, it will primarily cater to defense personnel ”.

For the first time in India, the construction of two parallel tunnels was completed simultaneously at Dabri More station. The Janakpuri West, Dabri More and Dasaratha Puri stations on the Janakpuri West, Botanical Garden line have been executed by an HCC-Samsung joint venture.

Interchanges of Delhi Metro Route Magenta Line.

The Janakpuri West metro station is India’s longest escalator on the line, with a height of 15.6 meters. The Delhi Metro route Magenta line Interchanges the yellow line at Hauz Khas, the blue line at Janakpuri West, and the Botanical Gardens and the Violet line at the Kalkaji Mandir of the Delhi Metro (DMRC) network.

Delhi Metro (DMRC) Map : Magenta-Line Route

Delhi Metro Map 2020 Magenta Line
Delhi Metro Route Magenta Line Map

(DMRC) Delhi Metro Route Station : Magenta-Line

Station No.Station Name
Station Name
1Janakpuri Westजनकपुरी पश्चिमDelhi Metro Blue Line DMRC
2Janakpuri Southजनकपुरी दक्षिणNONE
3Dashrath Puriदशरथ पुरीNONE
5Sadar Bajar Chawniसदर बाजार छावनीNONE
6Terminal 1–
IGI Airport
टर्मिनल 1 इन्दिरा गाँधी अंतर्राष्ट्रीय हवाई अड्डाNONE
7Shankar Viharशंकर विहारNONE
8Vasant Viharवसन्त विहारNONE
10Ram Krishna Puramराम कृष्ण पुरमNONE
11IIT Delhiआईआईटी दिल्लीNONE
12Hauj Khaasहौज़ ख़ासMetro Yellow Line
13Panchsheel Parkपंचशील पार्कNONE
14Chirag Delhiचिराग दिल्लीNONE
15Greater Kailashग्रेटर कैलाशNONE
16Nehru Enclaveनेहरू एन्क्लेवNONE
17Kalkaji Mandirकालकाजी मंदिरViolet Line Delhi Metro DMRC
18Okhla NSICओखला एन एस आई सीNONE
19SukhDev Viharसुखदेव विहारNONE
20Jamia Milia Islamiaजामिया मिलिया इस्लामियाNONE
21Okhla Viharओखला विहारNONE
22Jasola Viharजसोला विहारNONE
23Kalindi Kunjकालिन्दी कुंजNONE
24Okhla Bird Sanctuaryओखला पक्षी अभयारण्यNONE
25Botanical Gardenबोटैनिकल गार्डनDelhi Metro Blue Line DMRC
Route Map

Delhi Metro Timings- Magenta Line

MAGENTA LINE or line 8 of Delhi metro Runs on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Its Regular Running Hour schedule is hours: 5:10 AM – 10:59 PM. But on Sunday it starts at 5 Am early in the morning.

DayDelhi Metro(DMRC) Timings Magenta-Line
Sunday5:00 AM – 10:59 PM
Monday5:10 AM – 10:59 PM
Tuesday5:10 AM – 10:59 PM
Wednesday5:10 AM – 10:59 PM
Thursday5:10 AM – 10:59 PM
Friday5:10 AM – 10:59 PM
Saturday5:10 AM – 10:59 PM
Delhi Metro Timings Magenta Line

DMRC Magenta Line Metro Running Frequency:Delhi Metro


Magenta Line

JanakPuri West To Botanical Garden

05 min 10 sec

05 min 25 sec

6 min 00 sec

05 min 35 sec

06 min 00 sec

06 min 00 sec

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