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Chennai Metro is a fast transit system that serves the city of Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. It is the third-largest metro system in India after Delhi Metro and Hyderabad Metro. The system began service in 2015 after partially opening the first phase of the project. The network consists of two color-coded lines covering a length of 45.1 kilometers (28.0 mi). Chennai Metro Rail Limited (CMRL), a joint venture between the Government of India and the Government of Tamil Nadu, constructs and operates the Chennai Metro.

chennai metro
  • NO Of STATIONS: 32
  • NO Of METROS: 42
  • TOP SPEED : 80Km/h
  • Official Website:
  • No Of Lines : 2 (Green And Blue)

The Chennai Metro has a mixture of underground and elevated stations and uses standard gauges. Services operate daily between 4:30 and 23:00, with a varying frequency of 5 to 14 minutes. As of November 2019, around 121,000 people use the service on a daily basis. There are 42 trains with four coaches, with a total of 168 coaches running in the first phase.

The system also plans to handle the existing Chennai Mass Rapid Transit System by 2021, which will be upgraded to use the rolling stock of Chennai Metro. CMRL was recognized by the International Association of Public Transport in 2011.

Construction of the first stretch began in June 2009, spanning seven stations 10 kilometers (6.2 mi) from Koambedu to Alandur and commenced operations on 29 June 2015. As of February 2019, Greenline and Washermanpet are operating commercially for the Chennai International Airport on the Blueline from Chennai Central to St. Thomas Mount, bringing the total operational network to 45.1 km (28.0 mi), which is the Delhi Metro (347.6 Km (216.0 mi)) and forms the third largest metro system in India after Hyderabad. Metro (69.00 km (42.87 mi)

Chennai Metro Map:

chennai metro map route
Chennai Metro Map

Chennai Metro Rail Management:

The Chennai Metro runs in a standard gauge of 1,435 millimeters (56.5 in) and the lines are double-track. The rail tracks were constructed in Brazil and the raw materials were supplied by Tata Steel. The average speed of operation is 35 kilometers per hour (22 mph) and the maximum speed is 80 kilometers per hour (50 mph).

Chennai Metro operates trains at peak hours from 4:30 pm to 11:00 pm with a frequency of one train every 4.5 minutes and every 15 minutes. CMRL plans to increase the frequency of a train every 2.5 minutes after reaching 600,000 passengers in a day.

Chennai Metro Tickets and Fare:

The minimum fare is ₹ 10 and the maximum fare. Is 60. The first car in each train is a first-class compartment with tickets costing twice the second class tickets.

Four types of tickets have been issued by CMRL for travel in Chennai Metro.

They are:

  1. Single journey token, which is required to be purchased each time for each trip at the ticket counter or in the ticket vending machines available at all stations. The rates for a trip vary between Rs 10 and Rs 60.
  2. Stored Value Cards (SVC) are pre-paid, rechargeable, travel cards that can be purchased at any ticket counter against a refundable deposit of Rs 50. They can be recharged up to a maximum of Rs 2000. Frequent users of the Chennai Metro can use this card. They can be recharged at any ticket counter or automatic ticket vending machines available at all stations. A 10% discount is applicable on SVC users. Therefore, the rates for a single journey vary between Rs 9 and Rs 54.
  3. Trip cards are for persons traveling regularly between the same two stations. The fare is discounted by 20% and is available in 3 variants, 10 trips valid for 30 days, 30 trips valid for 90 days, and 60 trips valid for 180 days.
  4. Tourist cards provide unlimited rides on the Chennai Metro to cardholders for 1 day. It costs Rs 150 with a refundable deposit of Rs 50 which can be claimed to be refunded on return of the card. It is ideal for those who come to the city for short periods of time and plan to travel to their destinations by metro.

Starting on the day of Diwali on October 27, 2019, CMRL announced that there would be a 50% discount for all trips taken on Sundays and public holidays. This discount will be applicable on single travel tokens (Rs 5 to Rs 30) and stored value cards (Rs 4 to Rs 27).

You Can Recharge Your Travel Card From Here: Recharge Chennai Metro Value Cards/ Trip Card

Chennai Metro Route Stations:

A total of 32 stations have been constructed along with two lines of the first phase with 20 underground stations. In the underground sections, a walkway runs along the length with cross crosses every 250 meters (820 ft) for maintenance and emergency evacuation. The average width of underground stations is 220 m (720 ft) to 390 m (1,280 ft) and is 50 ft (15 m) deep below ground level. However, the length of both underground and elevated stations in Phase 1 expansion is only 180 meters (590 ft) to save space.

Line NameFromToStationsTrain Frequency
BLUE LINEWashermenpetChennai International Airport18Every 5 minutes
GREEN LINECentral MetroSt Thomas Mount17Every 5 Minutes
2 Stations Are in common Between Green Line And Blue Line Chennai Metro.

Elevated stations have three levels, namely, the platform for boarding, prefixing, and leveling at an average elevation of 5.65 m (18.5 ft) with leveling and 12.6 m (41 ft) above street level. The underground stations have two levels and are air-conditioned. The metro stations are equipped with an automated fare collection system, declaration system, electronic display boards, escalators, and lifts to be handicapped and elderly-friendly.

The stations are equipped with non-slippery floors with grip-rail, audio announcements, and Braille facilities to help the visually impaired passengers. The paid parking facility is available for two-wheelers but in select stations for three stations and four-wheelers. Parking fees can be paid through the stored value card.

Chennai Metro Timings :

Departure Time of first trainDeparture Time of Last trainNon peak hour HeadwayPeak Hour Headway 
@AIRPORT : 04:22 AM
@AIRPORT : 11:00 PM
04:30-06:00AM& 10:00-11:00PM :28 mins
06:00-08:00HAM & 11:00AM-05:00PM:7 mins
08:00PM10:00PM:7 mins
08:00AM-11:00 AM : 5 mins
05:00PM-08:00 PM : 5 mins
Departure Time of first trainDeparture Time of Last trainNon peak hour HeadwayPeak Hour Headway 
  @AIRPORT: 04:37 AM
  @AIRPORT : 10:59 PM
04:30-06:00AM & 08:00PM-11:00PM :28 mins
06:00 AM-08:00 AM & 11:00 AM-05:00PM:14 mins
08:0010:00PM:14 mins
08:00-11:00PM : 10 mins
05:00-08:0 PM : 10 mins
Departure Time of first trainDeparture Time of Last trainNon peak hour HeadwayPeak Hour Headway 
04:30-06:00AM & 10:00PM-11:00PM
:28 mins
06:00-08:00AM & 11:00AM-05:00PM:
14 mins
14 mins
08:00-11:00 M:
10 mins 05:00PM-08:00 PM : 10 mins
NOTE: Headway from Central to Alandur (via CMBT) during Extended Non-Peak hours,Non-Peak hours and Peak hours are maintained @14 mins,7mins and 5mins respectively.

Chennai Metro Fare:

The Chennai Metro Maximum Fare is Rs 50 While the minimum is Rs10. Blue Line Metro Airport To Washermenpet is Rs60 for distance 22.32Km While on Green line From St Thomas Metro Station to Central Metro is the fare is Rs 50 the distance is 14.48Km.

Chennai Central (SCC)Airport (SAP)Rs. 50
Chennai Central (SCC)Meenambakkam (SME)Rs. 50
Chennai Central (SCC)Nanganallur Road (SOT)Rs. 50
Chennai Central (SCC)Alandur (SAL)Rs. 50
Chennai Central (SCC)Guindy (SGU)Rs. 40
Chennai Central (SCC)Little Mount (SLM)Rs. 40
Chennai Central (SCC)Saidapet (SSA)Rs. 40
Chennai Central (SCC)Nandanam (SCR)Rs. 40
Chennai Central (SCC)Teynampet (STE)Rs. 40
Chennai Central (SCC)AG-DMS (Gemini) (SGM)Rs. 30
Chennai Central (SCC)Thousand Lights (STL)Rs. 20
Chennai Central (SCC)LIC (SLI)Rs. 20
Chennai Central (SCC)Government Estate (SGE)Rs. 10
Chennai Central (SCC)High Court (SHC)Rs. 10
Chennai Central (SCC)Mannadi (SMA)Rs. 20
Chennai Central (SCC)Washermentpet (SWA)Rs. 20
Chennai Central (SCC)Ekkattuthangal (SSI)Rs. 50
Chennai Central (SCC)Ashok Nagar (SAN)Rs. 50
Chennai Central (SCC)Vadapalani (SVA)Rs. 50
Chennai Central (SCC)Arumbakkam (SAR)Rs. 50
Chennai Central (SCC)Chennai Mofussil Bus Terminus (CMBT) (SME)Rs. 40
Chennai Central (SCC)Koyambedu (SKO)Rs. 40
Chennai Central (SCC)Thirumangalam (STI)Rs. 40
Chennai Central (SCC)Anna Nagar Tower (SAT)Rs. 40
Chennai Central (SCC)Anna Nagar East (SAE)Rs. 40
Chennai Central (SCC)Shenoy Nagar (SSN)Rs. 30
Chennai Central (SCC)Pachaiyappas College (SPC)Rs. 30
Chennai Central (SCC)Kilpauk Medical College (SKM)Rs. 20
Chennai Central (SCC)Nehru Park (SNP)Rs. 20
Chennai Central (SCC)Egmore (SEG)Rs. 10
Chennai Central (SCC)St. Thomas Mount (SMM)Rs. 50

Check Full Fare Chart Here. PDF CHART / Station Wise