Latest Delhi Metro Green Line HD Map, Route, Stations and Timing

delhi metro green line metro map

The Delhi Metro Green Line Or Line 5 is the fifth line of the Delhi Metro network and the first line on the standard gauge, unlike the previous Indian broad gauge lines, which are famous in other lines. It runs between Indralok (a station on Red Line) and Brig Hoshiar Singh with a branch connecting Ashok Park Main Station of the line with Kirti Nagar station on Blue line.

The fully elevated line is built as part of Phase-II of the Delhi Metro, which runs mostly along the busy NH 9 route in North Delhi and North West Delhi, bypassing the Tikari border to enter Bahadurgarh. Does. The line consists of 23 stations, including the interchange station, with a total length of 29.64 km.

Delhi Metro Map Green Line Route –

Delhi Metro Map Green Line Route-

Delhi Metro Green Line Map Route
DMRC Green Line Route Map Route

Delhi Metro Green Line Metro Stations:

Station Name
Station Name
1Indralokइंद्रलोकDelhi Metro Red Line DMRC
2Ashok Park Mainअशोक पार्क मेनmetro green line
3Punjabi Baghपंजाबी बाग़MEtro Pink line
4Shivaji Parkशिवाजी पार्कNONE
6Pakshim Vihar Eastपश्चिम विहार पूर्वNONE
7Pakshim Vihar Westपश्चिम विहार पश्चिमNONE
8Peeragadiपीरागढ़ीMagenta Line Delhi Metro DMRC
9Udyog Nagarउद्योग नगरNONE
10Surajmal Stadiumसूरजमल स्टेडियमNONE
12Nangloi Railway Stationनांगलोई रेलवे स्टेशनNONE
13Rajdhani Parkराजधानी पार्कNONE
15Mundka Industrial Areaमुण्डका औद्योगिक क्षेत्रNONE
16Ghevra Metro Stationघेवरा मेट्रो स्टेशनNONE
17Tikri Kalaटीकरी कलाँNONE
18Tikri Borderटीकरी बॉर्डरNONE
19Pandit Shi Ram Sharma
(Modern Industrial Estate)
पंडित श्री राम शर्मा (मॉर्डन इंडस्ट्रियल एस्टेट)NONE
20Bahadurgad Cityबहादुरगढ़ सिटीNONE
21Brigadier Hoshiyar Singh (Bahadurgad City Park)ब्रिगेडियर होशियार सिंह (बहादुरगढ़ सिटी पार्क)NONE
DMRC Green Line Route Stations

Delhi Metro Green Line Timing:

Delhi Metro GREEN LINE operates on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday. Regular schedule timing is: 5:45 AM – 11:57 PM

DayDelhi Metro Timing
Sunday4:00 AM – 11:30 PM
Monday5:45 AM – 11:57 PM
Tuesday5:45 AM – 11:57 PM
Wednesday5:45 AM – 11:57 PM
Thursday5:45 AM – 11:57 PM
Friday5:45 AM – 11:57 PM
Saturday6:00 AM – 11:30 PM
DMRC Green Line route timing

History of DMRC Green Line Route

The Delhi Metro Green Line was opened in two phases, with 15.1 km of Indralok – Mundka section on 3 April 2010 and 3.5 km of Kirti Nagar – Ashok Park main branch line on 27 August 2011. Though its route is shorter than other lines, the Green Line serves as a lifeline for Delhiites coming and going from the Red and Blue Lines, as it serves major commercial and residential areas like Punjabi Bagh, Paschim Vihar, Nangloi, and Mundka.

On 6 August 2012, in a move that would improve traffic in the National Capital Region, the central government approved the extension of the Delhi Metro from Mundka to Bahadurgarh in Haryana. The 11.18 km long Delhi Metro route will have seven stations between Mundka and Bahadurgarh at Mundka Industrial Area, Ghevar, Tikri Kalan, Tikri Border, Modern Industrial Estate, Bus Stand, and City Park.

Construction work of the Delhi Metro Green Line on the project began in 2013 and was completed as part of Phase III expansion by the second half of 2018.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the Mundka-Bahadurgarh section on 24 June 2018 through video conferencing.

The Delhi Metro Phase III project will have more than 1,800 coaches by the year 2019. Considering the requirements, DMRC Said the Faridabad line will require an additional 60 coaches, and the Green Line expansion will require 35 more coaches.

Although the Green Line passes through the newly-inaugurated Pink Line, which opened on March 14, 2018, it does not feature direct migration. There was a proposal to connect Shivaji Park or Punjabi Bagh station with the new Punjabi Bagh West station with a foot over bridge, but it was closed at the last moment due to high-cost concerns and lack of land for construction. Now feasibility study for the same is being done by DMRC.

Passengers of Green Line Shivaji Park and Punjabi Bagh stations can reach the new station on the Pink Line and get off at any station and thus take cycle rickshaws or e-rickshaws. A virtual interchange station respectively.

On a related note, DMRC announced last month that it would soon start 33 AC feeder buses from Punjabi Bagh West station of Pink Line to Shivaji Park and Punjabi Bagh stations of Green Line respectively.

DMRC Metro Timing : Green Line Route Metro Frequency












Mundka To Ashok Park Main

4 min 15 sec

4 min 30


04 min 45 sec

04 min 28 sec

04 min 45 sec

04 min 45 sec

Kirti Nagar-Inderlok To Ashok Park Main

8 min 30 sec

9 min 00 sec

9 min 30 sec

8 min 56 sec

9 min 30 sec

9 min 30 sec

Mundka to Brigadier Hoshiyar Singh

6 min 22 sec

6 min 45 sec

9 min 30 sec

6 min 42 sec

7 min 07 sec

9 min 30 sec

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