Some Interesting Delhi Metro Facts you won’t be knowing that turned 20 this year.

DELHI METRO FACTS : Do you ever wonder who is behind the speakers announcing about Delhi Metro Train ? Who’s voice is that ? Do you wonder why metro trains dont have odd numbers in coaches. ?

So, we are here with all these answers and not just these, some more interesting Delhi metro facts we are going to share with you all which probably you wont be knowing earlier.

Delhi Metro Facts which will surprise you:

delhi metro facts
interesting delhi metro facts

Delhi Metro started its operation in 2002 with the first elevated section on the red line from Shahadra to Tis Hajari metro station. Since then Delhi metro rail corporation didn’t look back and they started to grow up every year with new lines, new trains, and new stations.

It’s been 20 years now, and Delhi metro project is still going on. Many new platforms and lines have built up in recent years and it will be developing more and more.

Currently, the Delhi metro rail corporation (DMRC) is working on its five-year master plan in which they have planned how and where they will be developing is and extends the metro network in delhi. If you want to know more about this plan you can read it here: Delhi Metro Five Year Master Plan 2020-2025

So lets see intresting Facts about Delhi Metro

  1. The Deepest point of the Delhi Metro network is Rajiv Chowk Station which is approximately 46 meters deep.
  2. An elevated station takes generally two to three years to be built. But since land in Chhatarpur has been acquired only eight months before the target date of opening, Delhi Metro built an elevated station in eight months using mostly steel.
  3. Delhi Metro has one of the most advanced trains operating systems in the world. It can automatically run trains safely with minimal interference by train operators.
  4. Delhi Metro carries an average of 1.5 million passengers per day.
  5. Chawri Bazar station on the Yellow Line is the only station in the entire Delhi Metro system to be built inside a tunnel.
  6. Delhi Metro trains use a regenerative braking system to generate power from the trains when they break.
  7. Delhi Metro Rail Corporation has a system of rainwater harvesting along the blue line.
  8. There are no dustbins inside metro stations except in a few shops. Despite this, the metro stations remain very clean. This is also one from delhi metro facts.
  9. There is a Saree Guard feature on escalators of Delhi metro to prevent Indian women’s saree get stuck into that.
  10. Dhaula Kuan Metro Station on the Pink Line is the highest point of the Delhi Metro at an altitude of 23.6 metres.
  11. Now the most important delhi metro facts is the voice behind speakers, So the english voice is of doordarshan news anchor “Rini Simon Khanna” and the voice in Hindi is of “Shammi Narang”
  12. The First Female Delhi Metro train operators were Vibha Kumari, Meenakshi Sharma and Anjali Minz.

So this is some of the most popular intresting Delhi Metro Facts which one should know. Comment and let us know how do you like this post. Any Suggestions and Feedback are also welcome.

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