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jaipur metro map pink line

The Jaipur Metro Pink Line also is known as East-West Corridor and is part of the rapid transit system in Jaipur city of India. It consists of 9 metro stations from Mansarovar in the west to Chandpol in the east. The line, with a length of 9.63 kilometers (5.98 mi), is mostly high and has been laid to connect the oldest part of Jaipur to the rest.

It is the metro line that got the green signal on 3 June 2015 and was named the Pink Line, as the line passes through the Pink City.

Pink Line plans to interchange with the Orange Line of Jaipur Metro. It also connects Manasarovar, Asia’s largest colony with Jaipur Junction and Sindhi Camp Bus Stand of Indian Railways. All the stations except Chandpole in Elevated.

Under Phase-I B, the Pink Line is expected to be extended 2.349 km further east from Chandpol station. Two additional stations will be built to extend the line to Badi Chaupar. The stations of this extension are expected to be: Choti Chaupar & Badi Chaupar.

Jaipur Metro Map: Pink Line

Jaipur Metro Pink Line New Map

Pink Line Stations Of Jaipur Metro Station:

Station No.Station Name
( English)
Station Name(Hindi)Interchange Connection
2New Atish Marketनया आतिश मार्केटNONE
3Vivek Viharविवेक विहारNONE
4Shyam Nagarश्याम नगरNone
5Ramnagarराम नगरNONE
6Civil Linesसिविल लाइन्सNONE
7Railway Stationरेलवे स्टेशनNONE
8Sindhi Campसिन्धी कैंपOrange Line (Planned)
10Choti Chaupar
(Under Construction)
छोटी चौपड़
11Badi Chaupar
(Under Construction)
बड़ी चौपड़
Jaipur Metro Station

Jaipur Metro Fare (Updated) : Pink Line

6 Rs6 Rs6 Rs12 Rs12 Rs12 Rs18 Rs18 Rs18 Rs
New Atish Market6 6 6 61212121818
Vivek Vihar6666612121218
Shyam Nagar12666 6121212 
Civil Lines12121266666 12
Metro Railway Station181212126666 6
Sindhi Camp18181212126666
Jaipur Metro Pink Line fare List
  • There is Also TOURIST CARD Available in Jaipur Metro. 2 Types of Tourist Cards Are Available in Jaipur Metro, ONE DAY Tourist Card and THREE DAY Tourist Cards are currently Available, Details Mentioned Under –
Tourist CardFareRefundable
Security Deposit
Total Cost of the
Card ( In Rupees )
ONE Day Tour Card
(Can be Used on any one
buisness Day for unlimited
number of trips)
50 Rs.50 Rs.100 Rs.
THREE Day Tour Card
(Can be Used on any three
consecutive buisness days
for unlimited number of trips)
150 Rs.50 Rs.200 Rs.
Jaipur Metro Fare
  • Groups Tickets Can also be issued for more than 20 commuters on their request, at a discount of 10%

More Details on Fare can be found here.

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