Lucknow Metro may start from Aug 1 | With These Conditions

LUCKNOW METRO NEWS : Metro operations in the capital Lucknow may also start from August 1 2020. Preparations for this have been intensified. Metro is being trialed on the entire route. Arrangement of sanitization and cleanliness is being done at every station.

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Lucknow Metro

Delhi Metro also may start operations from August 1. In view of this, Lucknow Metro has also started preparations. However, till late evening no direction came from the Central and State Government regarding the operation of Lucknow Metro. But officials expect the metro to start here along with Delhi. Metro’s staff officers are also ready to start services. The station premises and metro trains will be sanitized twice a day on a daily basis when operations begin.

All the places that come in contact with passengers such as ticket counters, ticket vending machines, customer care centers, entry exit doors, AFC machines, handbags inside trains, escalators handrails will be sanitized every four to five hours. Social distancing will also be taken care of. All passengers will be appealed to maintain proper distance between themselves. For this, an announcement will also be made inside the station and coach. It will be mandatory for Metro employees and security personnel to wear masks and gloves.

Sanitizer and tissue paper will be available at all Lucknow Metro stations-

Tissue paper and sanitizer will also be placed in the washrooms of metro stations. Special emphasis will also be laid on maintaining cleanliness inside the Lucknow metro premises and the train. Passengers will be encouraged to use the Gosmart card. Travelers can also recharge Go Smart Card online. Do’s and don’ts to avoid coronavirus (Covid-19) through audio visual messages and messages will also be broadcast to prevent and spread awareness in passengers.

Access to Lucknow metro Premise will be given only when Passenger have Arogya Setu App and Mask-

Passengers will get entry at metro stations only when their mobile has the Arogya Setu app installed on the phone and a mask on their mouths. LMRC officials say no one will get entry without it. After entering the station, there will be thermal scanning of passengers. You will not get entry even if you have a normal fever. Everyone will get sanitized upon entry.

Check Lucknow Metro Station Route Map Here.

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