Lucknow Metro Waiting for Center Approval

Due to Lockdown Lucknow Metro has stopped its operation in the city and is waiting eagerly to start operations again. But LMRC and all other metro operators in the country had to wait for central govt approval from when the service can be started. It was said earlier that the metro will start from May and then June but central govt has not given permissions yet And the date is being extended again and again.

Metro spokesperson Pushpa Bellani said that MD Kumar Keshav himself is in favor of starting trains as well as auto-taxi services. This will enable people to be safely transported to their homes amidst the threat of corona infection.

Lucknow Metro Red Line
Lucknow Metro

Lucknow Metro will need an auto-taxi service to transport people to the metro stations to start their services. Officials of UP Metro have also started preparations for this. It has sought cooperation from the police and district administration. At the same time, Metro officials are also in contact with auto-rickshaw operators.

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It will be decided soon after talking to the officials of Auto Rickshaw Union. The stations are also being made safe for starting operations of trains. No one will be allowed to travel without thermal checks and masks.

Lucknow Metro Has To Decide How to Operate:

Pankaj Dixit, president of the Lucknow Auto Rickshaw Taxi Association, says talks have been held with the administration and Metro officials. A private agency has also been deployed for the route survey by UP Metro, which has given its suggestions.
This will be decided soon given the need for the metro and the possibility of operating on the route. New permits will also have to be issued, this has also been negotiated.

But Center will take final decision:

Metro officials say that when the metro service will start after July 31, it will depend on the direction of the central government. We are completing our preparations so that the service can start immediately as soon as the order is received. Last Months Friday also, a meeting was held at Transport Municipal Depot for these preparations.

MD Kumar Keshav said that sanitization of all machines, ticket collection gate etc. should be done every four to five hours. Along with this, he also appealed to those traveling in the metro to follow the proper distance.

Tissue paper and sanitizer have already been arranged in each washroom of metro stations. The metro train will also be sanitized twice a day.

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